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Source: Lifestyle Monitor

A few months ago I was interviewed by Emily Thompson for The Robin Report, an industry publication for CEOs that covers all the goings on behind the scenes in fashion, textiles and beauty. Specifically, Emily wanted to know my thoughts regarding the hype surrounding the idea that denim is dead

Here are just a few of my quotes from the article:


“I think part of what’s challenging to denim brands right now is the ‘premiumization’ of yoga pants and the luxury ath-leisure sector essentially following denim’s own model for success,”


"…can yoga pants, even nice ones, really be as versatile as denim? I’m not so sure.”


“The stretch situation [in jeans] is out of control,”


“I think denim brands that stick to their heritage and give consumers well-made, well designed jeans that launder well and last will do exactly that – last,”


Although I have a clear bias towards denim, I was very candid in my criticisms of the industry and I say a lot more in the article. I don't want to give too much away because the article is worth reading so you have to check it out on in full on The Robin Report. The takeaway from it is, if you're going to spend over a $100 on jeans, check the label so the quality matches the price.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?