"Roomier styles will also have an effect on the cotton content of jeans. Skinny jeans demand more stretch [but] the overuse has created a love/hate relationship with consumers and their stretchy jeans as recovery and durability don't often live up to the price tag."

"Recently, Banana Republic ran a campaign that featured a man called "Startup Guy" that drew a lot of attention…Startup guy wore a pair of slim khakis rolled up at the ankle and a half-tucked chambray button-down. Not quite what these young professionals are wearing but the message is clear. The business landscape is changing and…denim days will no longer relegated to the creative departiments or worse yet, Casual Friday"

I can be very opinionated as you can see. If you're interested in hearing more of me going on and on about jeans you can pick up a copy at your nearest magazine shop or at fibre2fashion.com. So do you concur or am I full of hot air.