Prps, Donwan Harrell, Community 54, mens jeans, spring 2015

Prps does a masterful job of designing men's jeans using inventive techniques that are innovative, yet palatable and as any purveyor of denim knows, mens jeans can be tricky when it comes to navigating the two ideals. Now we know the reason why. Donwan Harrell, Creative Director Prps, is not only a genius denim designer, but he's also an artist! 

Harrell is going to give us a peek inside his head this month by displaying his artwork at the Community 54 boutique in the East Village. I'm kind of excited about this. Many visionary designers have other creative outlets and it's inspiring to see what they can do with other mediums.

The exhibit runs till next Tuesday, January 20th. Ill be heading there this weekend so keep watching this space for pics if you're not able to make it.