Chloe Lea Peckre Agnes B

images via WGSN  Chloe, Lea Peckre, Agnes B


Sure, I'm taking liberties with the word 'jumper', when using it to describe two-piece suits, but the seamless transition from head to toe in color, cut and finish offers similar results whether the top and bottom pieces are connected or not. The takeaway, however, is not how closely the top and bottoms match each other, but rather the variations in style.

Pairing denim tops with jeans or wearing a jumper is not a new concept, but the level of dress when wearing one is. Previously, a jumper similar to the one Agnes B sent down the Paris runways would have fallen into the casual streetwear category, but Chloe's 70's pants suit and Lea Peckre's sleek jacket and trousers combination show that this category is gearing up for a lot more variety.