Last month Joe's Jeans launched the #Hello jean that has a hidden pocket that can fit a phone up to the size of an iPhone 6. It also features a special pocket at the waistband designed to fit a charger. The hype around these jeans has been all about the charger that comes with it and the idea of charging your phone while it's in your pocket, but lets be honest, a mophie or something similar works just fine. The real innovation, in my opinion is the hidden pocket for the phone.

The pocket is built internally so that without a phone it's practically invisible. It also sits just shy of the hip so you won't crush your device when you sit. Another feature I like about this pocket is that it practically engulfs the phone so there's no danger of it falling out. There have been many a bathroom break that almost turned into an iPhone apocalypse. 

Without intending to (I think) Joe's Jeans has just solved the answer to our phone pocket problem. Let's hope other brands take notice.