The modern day designer is heavily influenced by street style. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the hippy-dippy fashion of festival season began appearing on the runways. Last season it was all about fringe, this season it's all about the festival florals. 

Florals are blooming booming in a way we haven't seen since the early 80's. Flowers represent love, innocence, joy and peace. A floral bouquet can lift the spirits, ease the mind or mend wounds. Just ask Jessica Alba and Kylie Jenner. When we wear them we automatically channel those feelings and subconsciously project them to others. With all of those amazing almost holistic qualities, it's a wonder floral prints ever went out of fashion in the first place.

Since it's resurgence, florals have appeared mostly in skirts and dresses, but it's slowly but surely making it's way into mainstream denim as well. For spring 2016, LA based-brand Juicy Couture went all out with cute, colorful florals that, on items like shorts, evoke a childlike innocence that will be a pleasant fiction for the wearer. It's not all about innocence and virtue, however as floral filigree is more mature and when cut out to expose skin add an exclamation point to that fact.