The biggest obstacle to ubiquity when it comes to a style of jeans is it's versatility. Can it be worn with at least 80% of your wardrobe? Can it be dressed up and down? Will it be readily adopted by people of differing tastes and demographics? Check, check and check when it comes to the skinny jean. Hence the reason it has been around for so long. But as the skinny jean speeds into the generic category, I'm seeing an interesting phenomena. The skinny jean isn't being replaced. Not just yet anyway.Sure the boyfriend has become a lot more wearable, but it's hardly everywhere. What is everywhere, however, is everything else.

The flowy pant is the latest jean incarnation that has hit the runway or the streets. This traditionally dressed up silhouette is new to denim, but hasn't lost any of it's panache. Styles coming down the runway managed to channel elegance even when acid-washed of all things. Even those that maintained their five-pocket heritage managed to hold onto the class that punctuates this silhouette. 

Be prepared to see a lot of different brands and designers add their spin to this classic style.