Remember several years ago when everyone thought the denim shirt was going to be a one season wonder? I was not one of them. Not because I just eat, sleep and breathe denim (will that's partially it), but because at the same time the denim shirt was exploding so were brightly colored jeans.

See it all came down to denim on denim. We hadn't yet gotten over the stigma of the Canadian tux and since the best predictor of the future can often be the past, many people just assumed that denim on denim would go the same way -but then entered the colored jean. The colored jean and the denim shirt hit at almost the same time and when worn together don't look at all like head to toe denim.  

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, if it wasn't for all the stars aligning at the proper time, the denim top may very well have gone the way of the Canadian tux, but because we learned a new way to wear it, it opened our eyes to other possibilities.

The result is the denim top has evolved far beyond it's roots as a simple button-down. From runway to mainstream, denim shirts can be found in various styles such as tunics, tees, blouses and even tank tops. 

This season, and every season thereafter, expect to see this item continue to break all expectations.