Early 90's jean anyone? Ariana may look like a little girl who borrowed her mama's jeans, but I still like the idea behind the look…if not the execution




Raven looks as if she could be your favorite bestie while posing in a simple sweater and ripped jeans combo, not the sassy, controversial firebrand of a major talk show. 




baewatch 👟 @seafollyaustralia #seafolly

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Wasn't I just talking about denim swimsuits?




Takin my girl for a ride in the only vehicle I'm licensed to drive

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Lena Dunham and her girl look like they are having so much fun just being, well, girls. And I think I just found a new way to wear my  jeans and sneakers. Hey Lena! Can I be your girl too?




When ur post-filming hair is all fuzzy, but u still rockin it anyways🍭🍭

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I'm a Game of Thrones fanatic. Arya Stark is one of my favorite characters in the book and Maisie Williams nails her on the show. Just like she nails this denim jacket. See what I did there. 


Celebrating Mommys Birthday Weekend! #happybirthdaymom #weloveyou

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Aww Aly Michalka celebrates her Mom. She really is just like us. When she's not fighting zombies that is. 



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