Over a year ago I purchased a vintage denim kimono made by Wrangler of all things. It was such a great find and I received a ton of compliments on it. Several friends even asked me to take pictures of it from different angles to use as a reference when shopping for jackets. But so far they've been unlucky in finding anything remotely similar. I am so about to make their day.

In a stroke of luck, I stumbled across this jacket by Strom and I think it's an even better version than the one I bought. It's labeled simply as an oversized jacket, but it is definitely no ordinary piece of outerwear with it's wrap style and gorgeous indigo wash. A jacket like this can elevate a simple t-shirt, jeans and sneakers pairing or add even more panache to an already trendy look. This is definitely a purchase worth making.

I am the friend of the year.