I have a confession to make. Sometimes I skip putting on lotion after a shower. It's a new thing for me -meant to save me a few minutes. Maybe it's a big deal. Maybe it isn't. But since I was a kid my mother instilled in me the importance of moisturizing. Her method of motivation was telling me no one wants to play with someone with ashy skin. The result, a lifetime habit of healthy skincare. For me not putting on lotion would be akin to not brushing my teeth. It's just unthinkable. 

Lately, however, I've been enjoying the convenience of hopping out of the shower straight into some clothes. So much so, that when I do slather on lotion -which is the majority of the time or else my skin will feel cracked -it feels like manual labor. So it is very exciting for a brand like Guess to launch something as cool as a jean that can moisturize the skin. 

The line is called Jeancare. Jeancare is denim fabric that has been enriched with nutrients that nourish the skin such as ginkgo extract and vitamin E. It's also infused with calming chamomile and lavender scents that are released with each wear of the jean. And no, these properties won't go away after the first wash. 

Guess calls the tech used to create Jeancare, SmartGUESS technology. So far you can find it in a crop top, jeggings, a skirt and a dress with a price range of $59 for the top to $128 for a pair of jeans. That's reasonably priced considering jeans without all the perks cost about the same and more. For someone like me who cherishes those few extra minutes I save, especially when I'm late (which is embarrassingly often), this is definitely a miracle jean.