It's pretty much a given that when you buy a pair of jeans it's going to lose it's shape as you wear it. Even more so when there are multiple wears between washes. Usually a quick wash will snap it right back into shape and so goes the lifelong saga of wear, wear, wear, then wash back into shape. Wear, wear, wear, then wash back into shape. Wash to be clean too, but that's not the point of this. This trait is traditionally embraced because after multiple cycles the right pair of jeans will conform to your body like a favorite pair of sneakers. Lately, however, there has been a desire among consumers for jeans that retain their shape regardless of how often they are worn or washed.

I've only ever considered this from a woman's point of view. There are some jeans I own that have a bit too much stretch built into them. It feels incredibly comfortable but the trade-off is that the waistline and derriere stretch out. Not enough to be baggy, but enough for me to be annoyed. I've never once considered how men would feel dealing with the opposite problem. What if you don't want your jeans to shrink after the wash? Where I don't want the extra room in the upper portion of my jeans a man might appreciate having some err room to breathe. 

The first brand I know to tackle this problem is 7 For All Mankind. 7FAM has just released  a new line of jeans called Foolproof that will retain shape regardless of wash or wear. The process involves relaxing the jean before finishing to eliminate any remaining shrinkage in the denim. That means that the size and shape of the jeans you purchase will be the size and shape they remain while you have them. 

So far it comes in three of the brands signature fits and ranges from $169-$189. What do you think guys? Is shrinkage or the absence of important to you?


7 For All Mankind shrink proof jeans

image courtesy of 7 For All Mankind