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Last season Gucci sent a decidedly unpolished pair of jeans down the runway; a bleached out note of discord within a panoply of color. Who knew then that one lone pair of jeans would become a key trend for the season to come.

Anyone who’s ever handled bleach while laundering knows the fear of the caustic substance getting anywhere near colors. Especially deep, dark indigos. Even a small drop on a pair of perfectly preserved raw jeans can be a tragedy of epic proportions and relegate a favored pair into knockaround status.

This Fall, however, designers are giving us a reason to spill, or rather pour the stuff all over everything by sending looks down the runway that were bleached AF. Brands like DSquared2 and Casely-Hayford liberally applied goo-gobs of bleaching agent to tops, bottoms, and jackets in the vast majority of their collections. And if you still had any doubt about their commitment to the look, they styled models from head to toe in the trend.

Putting a proper period to it was Balmain. The cliquey brand took it up a notch with allover splatter effects of bleach and pigment in whites and a super powerful red. Dare I say we’ll see Balmain’s Army of Kardashians, Jenners, and West leading the way with this look come Fall?