Wearing Denim With a Purpose


Wearing @guess today to support survivors of sexual assault with @peaceovrviolnce #denimday #guessforprogress

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When Guess asked me to participate in Denim Day to support victims of sexual assault, of course I said yes…

I Took a DENIM 101 Class at BPD Washhouse: Day 1

BPD washhouse denim 101 class

When I received an invitation to attend a Denim 101 class at BPD Washhouse, I jumped at the chance. I’d heard from several people I knew who’d taken it that it was informative and incredibly hands on…

I Stalked A Woman Over a Pair of Jeans…And Lost


I feel compelled to share a story. It’s a rather shameful story, but one I hope every woman that has ever wanted an item so badly she could taste it can relate to. If not, then I’m just a petty person that should never have graduated from the kindergarten playground. So what is it that’s so shameful you ask? Well, I stalked a woman.

I Wore GUESS’ New Moisturizing Jeans for a Week

 Jeancare, GUESS, moisturizing jeans with scent


Performance apparel, formerly the sole territory of activewear, has become new and conquerable territory in denim with a few intrepid brands attempting to break ground with various technologies. Odor-resistance, moisture-wicking and other attributes are gaining considerable buzz, but Guess’ recent launch of their Jeancare collection has caused the biggest stir to date.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015???


Lincoln Center, NY Fashion Week, NYFW

Artist rendering of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2010

Ever since Mercedes Benz Fashion Week set up shop at Lincoln Center, NY Fashion Week has become nothing short of a spectacle with the drama outside the tents often overshadowing the shows. And by drama I don't mean the excessive peacocking that occurs on the outdoor promenade (although that is a big part of it). What I'm referring to are the constant stream of complaints that seem to mark each season, not the least of which come from top editors regarding overcrowding and commercialization. Unfortunately, industry complaints were never the worst of it.



Denim is Not Dead

While I perused the booths at MAGIC, Project, Liberty and the countless other fashion tradeshows that were going on in Vegas last week, reports were circulating in the media that jeans are on the decline. As I read through them, I became hyperaware of the myriad of people in some form of denim or the infinite amount of established and up-and-coming denim brands that were showing at almost all of the shows. So what am I to think with so much contradictary information? Well…to put it bluntly, I think denim naysayers are nuts!

If denim was going out of fashion would we have red carpet runway like this…


You Can Get With This or You Can Get With That….The Great Debate: Yoga Pants or Jeans

News + Views


After over a hundred years of being the number one go-to item for casualwear, our beloved jean is getting some serious competition. That is if you believe the number of articles being written about it. 

From Business of Fashion to Yahoo, there has been a lot of talk lately about jeans losing ground to athleisure wear -defined as athletic wear that can be worn outside the gym. I love my athletic wear (though nothing I do in athletic wear is leisurely enough for me to call it athleisure wear), but I am firmly in the THIS category. Hello! DenimHunt

Check out the round-up of some of the chatter heard 'round the web -complete with totally biased commentary of course- and decide if you can get with this (yoga pants) or you can get with that (jeans).