September 17, 2014

Take a Glimpse Inside DSquared2's New US Flagship


The first time I'd ever walked into a DSquared2 boutique was in Capri three years ago. Before then I hadn't even known the brand had standalone stores. The small boutique was unassuming and nestled comfortably on a small walking path in an area full of familiar luxury brands. When I first heard that DSquared2 was opening it's very first US flagship in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive, my first thought was why there? Why not New York (yeah, I'm biased). Then I thought back to my time in Capri where the rich fluttered in and out of stores reveling in their conspicuous consumption and I thought, Rodeo Drive is perfect. 

“After nearly 20 years of starting Dsquared2, we are so proud to bring our brand and our entire store concept offering all of our collections to US customers. It’s been a long held dream of ours to have a retail presence here, and this Los Angeles store represents a new chapter and an energetic retail future for our brand.”

-Dan and Dean Caten

The 4500 square foot store will house their entire collection of apparel and accessories in a setting that incorporates Canadian forest motifs in a modern industrial interior. 

One must see to believe, but pictures will have to do. 

Scroll down for more images.


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September 16, 2014

Diesel Black Gold's Samsung Gear S

Diesel, Diesel Black Gold, Samsung Gear S, Smart watch
Diesel Black Gold Spring 2015

Apple raised eyebrows when they recruited executives from luxury brands Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent for various positions. Although it's fairly common for tech brands to pair up with luxury brands, this was the first, or at least most publicized, instance of a tech brand actually hiring from the fashion sector. 

Hot on the heels of Apple's announcement of the Apple Watch, Samsung, who was first to market with their smartwatch (excluding Pebble), just announced a collaboration with Diesel Black Gold to create a special collection of their Samsung Gear S watch. Diesel isn't known for elegant reticence and the watches have plenty of that Diesel attitude with leather and metal details on a cuff-like band.

The watch isn't available just yet, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this bad boy will go on sale right before the Apple Watch.

Scroll down for pics.


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September 15, 2014

Line and Dot Fringe





Texture is a unique and underrated way to add interest to an outfit, especially when wearing solid colors. That's why I am all about the line and dot fringe details on this jean jacket and denim dress from Pixie Market.

Fringe is a great way to do stripes and since stripes flooded the NY Fashion Week runways, it's a safe bet that designers are going to be more creative when it comes to vertical lines.

With that said, my preference is the jacket. Box shaped jackets are great for changeable looks and the circular fringe pattern on the Joplin Jacket adds chaos to an otherwised structured shape.

Scroll down for more.


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September 09, 2014

Denim on the Runway: Elegant Jumpers and Trench Coats a'la Mode

Denim on the Runway, Spring 2015, NY Fashion Week 2014, Jumpers, Dresses, Trench Coats, Denim on Denim, Jeans, Catwalks
left to right: Josie Natori, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Karen Walker, Tia Cibani


Click below to see what denim creations designers are sending down the runways this season.



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September 08, 2014

#InspoSeries Death of Denim at NYFW?

It's hard not to find humor in this whole idea that denim is dying (see Denim is Not Dead). It becomes even more ridiculous when Kylie Jenner wears two different voluminous denim tunics, that are gorgeous I might add, and becomes the biggest topic off the runway this season. 

From NY Times Fashion to fashion week enthusiasts, instagram feeds are chock full of denim street style. My favorites, Kylie's tunic, of course, and an amazing wrap skirt that mimics tying a denim shirt around the waist.

Scroll down to see some of the amazing looks you'll find under the #NYFW hashtag.

Seriously, does it look like denim is dying to you?



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September 05, 2014

DL1961 ACTIVEX Kids Collection is BRILLIANT!

DL1961 ACTIVEX childrens jeans, kids jeans, athletic, sport
DL1961 ACTIVEX Jeans are available at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and


DL1961 recently embarked on their first foray into the childrens' denim market by launching a performance denim collection called ACTIVEX. Intentional or not, the timing of the launch couldn't have been more brilliant, but first details about the collection.


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September 02, 2014

Asos Mom Jean Shorts. Yes Please!

I know, summer's almost over. The keyword here is almost because we still have plenty of days of shorts and sandals weather left. 

Asos Mom Shorts at less than $60 are a great end of summer investment. Mark my words, mom jeans, or at least voluminous styles like slim boyfriends and jog jeans, are going to take over next year so you'll be able to wear these jeans for many, many summers.

Scroll down for alternate washes...



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Aaron Paul is James Dean-ing it on Flaunt Magazine

Aaron Paul, Flaunt Magazine, Cult of Individuality, Jeans, James Dean


Is it just me or is Aaron Paul even hotter now than when Breaking Bad was at it's peak? With a spectacular pull at this year's Emmys that came after the season finale, clearly this guy is gearing up to be the next big thing. 

Recently, Aaron covered the annual denim issue of Flaunt Magazine and in true trendsetting fashion, is offering some new style inspiration... or should I say throwback inspiration as the the extra wide cuffing on his Cult of Individuality jeans is pure James Dean. 

If you think this look favors guys, you'd be sorely mistaken. I've James Dean-ed it myself on more than one occasion if I do say myself. 


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August 29, 2014

Converse X Missoni is Now Affordable

Converse x Missoni, Converse, Missoni, sneakers, plimsolls


Anyone that follows me on instagram knows that I am a Converse fiend. Though I don't take pictures of them as much as I just talk about them because no one seems to like seeing pictures of my beat up old converse, but for me, the beat up kind is the best kind. But I digress...

Converse X Missoni just released a more affordable version of their capsule collection. At upwards of $400 they were unattainable for most. The latest release brings the price down dramatically with the highest priced pair going for no more than $100. 

The sneakers are available only at Nordstrom and Converse stores. 

See more pics from the collection below...


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August 28, 2014

Lee Jeans 125th Anniversary Collection is a Work of Art

LEE jEANS 125th anniversary donwan harrell mens jeans distressed mens jeans
Lee Jeans 125th Anniversary Rider Jacket and Cowboy Pant by Donwan Harrell


Before I go into the details of the collection I must first openly apologize to Lee Jeans. I apologize because I loved you back in the day. That iconic leather patch was a symbol of cool in my New Jersey neighborhood and many kids made it a game of ripping off other kid's Lee patches for sport. But something happened between my childhood and the present where you just fell off my radar. The fact that I write almost exclusively about denim makes this fact even more pronounced. So I apologize, because after seeing the release of your 125th Anniversary collection, I realize how incredibly ignorant I've been and that will never, Ever, happen again.


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