September 02, 2015


Back to school 2015



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June 01, 2015

Don't Act Like You Didn't See It Coming; Levi's and Google Develop Smart Clothing



In it was bound to happen news, Levi's and Google have developed a technology called smart clothing. Smarty pants consumers won't have difficulty figuring out what this is all about -clothing that interacts with their devices. duh!

The official name is Project Jacquard. Google, believe it or not, is the lead and has developed conductive yarns that consists of metal alloys mixed with natural or synthetic fibers. The yarns are woven together to create a fabric that has multitouch panels. Essentially, those panels would allow users to control their devices through gestures such as hovering over a sleeve to silence a phone or tapping it to play a song. 

Believe it or not, this technology has some practical applications. Consider those uncomfortable moments when your cell phone rings at the most inopportune time; a class lecture, a planning meeting, hell, the movies. Instead of fumbling in your pocket with panicky fingers you can just swipe your pocket and boom! silence. 

It's good right?

See more about this smart clothing after the jump.



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April 16, 2015

Siwy Denim Brings the Runway to Coachella!


Siwy Denim, Coachella, Jeans,
Siwy Spring 2015 Runway at Coachella

It was bound to happen. The fashion runways have hit Coachella and leave it to the denim brands to be the trailblazers. 

Siwy showed their spring 2015 collection this past weekend and, of course, what's a fashion show without VIPs. Jamie Chung and Victoria Justice were in attendance with Chelsea Leyland on the turntables. All of them were decked out in Siwy with Victoria Justice flaunting her free-kneed style before the show.

Scroll down to see images from the show (stay tuned for more pics from the show). 



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April 14, 2015

7 For All Mankind is Showing Their Collection in 3D

I heard a new term the other day...Merchantainment. Like Edutainment it's a combination of the words "merchandising" and "entertainment" and, as I understood it, is meant to convey the idea of adding entertainment to the shopping experience. 

7 For All Mankind recently launched an art house-style film set in Paris in front of a french chateau called Visions of California. It's not the shadow of palm trees gliding across the buildings very french interior that's the selling point, though. It's the fact that the clip was filmed in 3D. And with the use of a device called Google Cardboard, which I had to google (is that a pun?) you can watch it on Google Play (0kay enough of that). 

7 For All Mankind

It won't be available on iTunes until later this month, but the 7FAM boutique in Soho is one of the stores hosting the 3D experience with customers given the use of a custom viewer.

All in all, it's a novel way for fans to view the spring collection and with virtual reality being a huge buzzword this year, it's certainly an attention grabber.

So back to Merchantainment. I'd say this qualifies. 


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April 09, 2015

Ksubi's Punk-Chic Spring Collection

ksubi, jeans, punk, denim, womens jeans, skinny jeans, destroyed, shredded, leather skinny,
The Ksubi Spring 2015 collection will be available at


Ksubi's got a pretty cool line-up for spring. Keeping true to their punk-chic aesthetic, the latest collection is chock full of dark washes, shredded knees and skin tight silhouettes. Leather-like coatings are a staple in the collection with many of the styles having at least some of the shiny stuff. An unusual addition is a 100% leather jumper with a skinny jean bottom (below) which is also made in regular cotton denim. The collection is rounded out with super-edgy jackets and boyfriend jeans and joggers.

Scroll down to see the rest of the collection... 


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April 08, 2015

Eccentric or Bizarre? 69 Worldwide

69 worldwide, jeans, denim, unisex, LA
images via 69


69 Worldwide is hands down the most eccentric brand you or I have seen in a long while. Haute couture denim comes to mind, in the way that we think of haute couture nowadays -flashy, avant garde designs that are completely unwearable.

The brand styles itself as a "non-gender and non-demographic"clothing line. Non-gender I get, but I find non-demographic to be a bit of a head-scratcher, but then, with a brand such as this, how else can it be described in a commercial sense. Better descriptives would be non-conformist, offbeat, eccentric, unconventional.....bizarre. Whatever word you use it is clearly not for the faint of heart or the afraid to stand out. Don't think these are actually for sale, think again. Opening Ceremony is one of their stockists and they don't sell cheap either at $350 for a pair of pants. 

69 Worldwide is for someone with distinct tastes (and no fear), but the campaign images are incredibly fun to look at.

Feed your curiosity after the jump...




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April 07, 2015

Splurge on This Statement-Making Denim Shirt from All Saints

This cropped denim button down from All Saints hits all the right notes for spring. Pair it with shorts, jeans or midi-length skirts for a super trendy look that won't quit. 

The price tag is a little steep for a denim top but if you get the chance to splurge, make sure it's on a statement-making piece like this one. 


April 03, 2015

Shop the Look (or Shop the Look for Less): CHLOÉ's Spring 2015 Campaign


Denim took over the runways this past fashion week and it's also exploding in the pages of fashion magazines (see From Luxury to Contemporary, Spring Jean Campaigns Fill Magazine Pages). With all this editorial inspiration it's only natural that we'd want to shop the looks...or shop the looks for less. 

Scroll down to see more wallet friendly versions.


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April 02, 2015

From Luxury to Contemporary, Spring Jean Campaigns Fill Magazine Pages

Giambattista Valli, 7 For All Mankind, denim, advertising, spring 2015, best women's jeans for Spring
Giambattista Valli for 7 For All Mankind


It's officially official! Denim campaigns in fashion magazines are no longer the sole domain of denim-centric brands. While flipping through the pages of Elle, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar this weekend it seemed clear that just like with sportswear, luxury houses are taking a cue from contemporary brands.

Denim is the centerpiece of spring campaigns from Gucci, Burberry and Louis Vuitton to name a few and couture designer Giambattista Valli's name is prominent on the latest 7 For All Mankind. Speaking of collaborations, perpetual 'It' girl Alexa Chung and supermodel Joan Smalls have teamed up with AG Jeans and True Religion respectively.

With high fashion brands come the high fashion photographers adding their editorial spin to the typical denim campaign leaving no shortage of style inspiration. The unicolor jeans and top combo from Giambattista Valli for 7 For All Mankind is already in my inspo book.

Scroll down to see these can't miss advertorials for spring. 



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April 01, 2015

Shop This Cute Denim Dress by Nasty Gal

Denim dresses are going to be so big for spring, specifically in the form of oversized button-downs and tunics. This ridiculously cute version from Nasty Gal goes in the opposite direction with a body conscious fit that starts right above the hip. Wear it for the cute factor or for showing off your winter workout bod.

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