Jil Sanders Denim...For Men
Attention NYC! Lounge is Closing

Vintage Concept Store, Miner49er


About an hour south of LA lies the city of San Clemente and in this city lies a very unique concept store called Miner49er. Miner49er pays homage to the California Gold Rush and the 49ers that defined that era by stocking vintage-inspired denim made using vintage shuttle looms and construction techniquesMiner49ersanclementesign. Housed in an historic building that is believed to be the third building ever built in San Clemente, the store is a haven for vintage denim aficionados. Brands available include California-based line Denim Design Lab and Montreal-based line Bzen, made with premium selvedge denim and sold alongside vintage inspired tees, books and collectibles.


In addition to apparel, Miner49er also features an in-house museum that focuses on the history of denim and contains original artifacts from the California Gold Rush. Visitors to the store are guaranteed to be in for a treat.


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