May 05, 2014

Artistix Transforms Art into Streetwear

Artistix, denim, greg polisseni, graphic tees

It's always amazing to see the results of an artist that works in multiple mediums. 

I was able to preview a new clothing line by artist Greg Polisseni called Artistix where he takes his artwork and translates it into clothing and accessories. For example, a rendering of the American flag (above) was translated into a scarf and may possibly be picked up as a stamp. How cool is that? Of course, there were plenty of denim in jeans, jackets and shorts, but they were merely complimentary when paired next to the graphic pieces. Polisseni's artwork is such that it will appeal to those who eschew the current clean lines, boxy shapes and sporty looks that are current right now. Although pieces like that scarf will appeal to most anyone. Even more appealing, a percentage of money made from sales goes to charities such as Wounded Warriors. Pretty amazing. 

See more below...

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April 29, 2014

Hardy Amies’s Modern Take on Military for Fall

Hardy Amies mens suits, mens coats, fall 2014

“A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.”
- Hardy Amies, 1964

It’s a good quote… I try to abide by it, and am relatively successful. Hardy Amies said that in the 1960s, a decade of great generational divide. The youth movement was questioning just about everything created by the generation before it, including Western politics, the Vietnam War, its resulting draft lottery, as well as the music, style and cultural norms of the times. Also stating, “I am not sure that the young man today does not know more than his elders,” Amies understood that the future lay in the strong hands of youth, yet also recognized that some things, namely a man’s desire for casual expression, was universal and timeless. Serving as “a bridge between youth and maturity,” Amies and the Savile Row house he founded forged a common ground of heritage and future that still holds up today.

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April 25, 2014

G-Star RAW Fall Brings Women's Selvedge, Leather T-Shirts for Men & Pharrell!

G-Star RAW, gstar, fall 2014, mens jeans, womens jeans


I had to ask multiple times if G-Star RAW hired a new creative director and I was told multiple times that they had not. The reason I asked was because there was a subtle difference in te-knit he fall collection than in the past. Yes, there are still the signature G-Star shapes and constructions that are at the core of the brand but I found myself gushing more than usual over certain items, in particular the cable-knit sweater that was fused with a layer of fabric atop it (above). At first I thought it was an embossed neoprene, but after taking a closer look I was amazed. Then there were the selvedge jeans for women and leather t-shirts for men. 

Coming for fall is a surprise collaboration. Pharrell Willliams has taken on the role of creative director for a capsule collection using bionic yarn called RAW For the Oceans. I wasn't able to snap pictures of the samples but if you're a Pharrell fan, and I know you are, you won't be disappointed. Watch this space for updates.

Scroll below to see what else I found in the showroom...

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April 16, 2014

In the Showrooms: DL1961's Colorful Boyfriend Styles and Two-toned 90's Jeans

DL1961 best jeans for spring 2014 boyfriend jeans


DL1961 is seriously bringing it. At their showroom I was able to preview slim boyfriend jeans in colors outside of the usual distressed indigo (above). I love the idea of wearing gray boyfriend jeans or maybe even pink. It makes them new again and proves that there's so much  more design-wise that can be done with them. I've been going through a loose fitting jeans phase lately and can't wait to try these out.

Boyfriend shorts are becoming a staple and most everyone includes them in their lines these days. I was taken aback, however, by the athletic-style short shorts in pale indigo. Notches on the side were reminiscent of running shorts and they looked almost as comfortable. The sportswear trend is huge, but still hasn't made much headway in denim. This could be the beginning of some new silhouettes.

An interesting find in the showroom were the skinny jeans with top to bottom paneling in faux suede or just a darker denim. It's an idea brought back from the '90s that I thought would never make a comeback. Well, never say never as they say. The paneling was so soft matching the texture of the jeans and they are sure to be heavenly to wear.These won't hit stores till fall, but I'm certain they will be a hit with the trendy set.

Click below to see more images from the DL1961 showroom....

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April 04, 2014

Matiere Paris for Men, Yeezus and Me!

Matiere Paris, mens indigo dyed skirt pants kanye west

I'd never heard of Matiere until last week, but this is a mens brand I can totally get behind...for me. I am falling all over myself for those indigo-dyed asymmetrical skirt sweatpants. As I write that out I realize it just sounds weird and unwearable, but a picture speaks a thousand words and luckily I've got a few. So before I continue, scroll down and take a looksee.




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April 02, 2014

In the Showrooms: Graf & Lantz

Graf & Lantz totes duffels mens womens accessories best accessories for 2014

I feel so privileged. Seriously, I do, because I got to view the most amazing new accessories brand called Graf & Lantz the other day. Graf & Lantz is one of those brands whose origins are so unique that they actually bring something new to the conversation.

The brainchild of a structural engineer PH.D from Germany and a midwestern adventurer, the collection is a mesh of singular materials constrained with linear proportions. Case in point, a grey tote (above) is made of wool felt that, through a process unknown to me, is given a pebbled texture. When I first laid eyes on it, I literally stopped in my tracks (there are witnesses to prove it). Need it, want it, now. 

The duo seems to stick to rich leathers, wool felt creations and waxed canvases in the construction of the architectural style handbags. The benefit is that materials which may seem mundane in other designs take on a luxurious quality. The effect is quite amazing. 

Scroll down and see for yourself....

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March 28, 2014

In the Showrooms: GUESS Fall 2014

GUESS fall 2014, best jeans for fall 2014, best looks for fall 2014, accessories, shoes, mens


Guess' newly installed Creative Director, Sharleen Ernster, has come out with both guns blazing (pun totally intended).

I didn't need prompting to see that there was an entirely different look in womens apparel. Vintage-looking cowboy boots stuffed with flowers were strategically placed around the showroom. In case that wasn't enough of a clue, a well-worn vintage saddle of wood and leather was draped with gold-toned jewelry and flanked by two horseshoes (below). It was all so authentically authentic that I asked if the cowboy boots were a part of the collection. They weren't. Bummer. Wouldn't it be cool if that were the case? It's been a very long while since true cowboy boots have been mainstream. But I digress...

The entire line was a mixture of western themes, floral motifs and city cool. An interesting feat to pull off I must say. Even more so when considering western themes can easily fall into the realm of camp. I admired that Ernster was able to do this by finding that perfect balance between accentuation and subtlety. For example, a traditional western yoke and pockets were used on the top half of a denim boiler suit (below), which happened to be my favorite piece. However, it wasn't so overpowering as to take away from the overall city girl look of it. 

For guys, western was pretty much non-existant and wardrobe staples like button-downs and jeans were the norm. However, the sneakers were pretty amazing. The high-tops had that old school flat-footed shape that's pretty popular nowadays. There were quite a few styles that had me seriously considering crossing over to the mens department for kicks this fall. 

View the rest of the fall preview after the jump...


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March 25, 2014

In the Showrooms: Marciano Fall 2014 Sneak Peak

Marciano, spring 2014, accessories, jewelry, shoes


Leather pleating and denim, faux fur with chain trim, pearls on steroids; those were just a few of the items in the Marciano showroom for fall. 

Fur was big in the fall shows this past fashion week. So much so, I wondered if we were beginning to move past our PETA-induced fear of donning it. I guess we won't know till fall arrives, but thankfully Marciano has these colorful faux fur options for those of us who would rather not risk the backlash. 

Marciano always has key denim pieces in their collection and my favorite was the denim pencil skirt (above). It's such a great mix of casual and class, no? And the pearls! Included in the jewelry collection were the most audaciouly gigantic pearl necklace and matching bracelet (below). Not real pearls of course, but I love the idea of having an alternative to all the minimalist jewelry that's trending right now. 

What do you think of it so far?

See the rest of the collection after the jump....

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March 20, 2014

It's Never Too Early. Sneak a Peek at NYDJ Fall 2014

NYDJ, fall 2014, trends, floral prints, jeans, denim best jeans for fall 2014


Yes, yes, I know. We just made it to spring and after the hellacious winter we've been having who wants to think about fall. That's the debate I'd been having with myself when I was trying to decide whether to show you NYDJ's Fall 2014 collection now, or when that season starts.

Summer is when stores begain to stock fall. Therefore most people start planning their fall wardrobes around this time. So it makes sense to wait. However, would it be inauthentic since I actually saw the collection a few days ago? Ahh! Decisions, decisions. In the end, I went with the latter. I figured I saw it now, so why not show it now. And you know what? It's not like I can't revisit it again come summer right? Besides, there were a few things I thought were too cool to wait for.

NYDJ has a great way of interpreting current trends in a way that's more palatable for those who prefer subtlety in their wardrobes. The laser print florals (above) are a perfect example of this. Florals jeans can be a riot of color and this can be a little much for some people. This tonal version is perfect for those who want to keep it tame but still participate in the trend. The same can be said for the indigo windowpane plaid jeans and the camo print as well (below). 

So what do you think? Too early to think about or does NYDJ's collection have you planning fall early?

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more pics after the jump...

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December 17, 2013

VC Signature Has Got My Signature Spring Shoes!

Vince camuto, VC Signature, sigerson, wicker, woven, mixed metals, metallics, shoes, best shoes for spring, spring 2014


Did you know that VC signature, Vince Camuto's higher end shoe line is co-designed by Kari Sigerson of Sigerson Morrison shoes? I didn't. That would probably explain why they are so rad. 

This is my favorite of all the Vince Camuto shoes this season (see Vince Camuto's Showroom is a Clotheshorses Wet Dream and Two by Vince for Spring) The reason is because two of my favorites from their mega-extensive shoe lines are in this collection. A pair of silver and gold diamond patterned loafers and cane woven oxfords in white (above) are two pairs of shoes you will definitely see on my feet in spring. 

My favorites are just two out of a three-fold theme which were coppery metallics, wicker wovens and monotone colorblocking. I'm looking forward to seeing this hit stores.

Scroll down to see the rest of the collection.


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