Mavi Introduces New Athleisure Capsule Collection for Fall


Mavi's Indigo Move Athleisure denim capsule collection

Called Indigo Move, Mavi's new athleisure denim aims to expand the category beyond moisture-wicking jeggings. 

You’ll Be Looking For These Jeans in the Future


ISKO Spring 2015 scratch jean new denim

The "Scratch Jean" by ISKO as part of their Spring 2015 denim innovations display at the Gansevoort Penthouse


Many of you have probably never heard of ISKO, but if you have more than a few jeans in your closet you're probably wearing their denim. 

ISKO's mills supply the denim for many top brands like GUESS, Hudson and 3×1, but they most famously are the suppliers of the denim used in Diesel's Jogg Jean collection. That soft knit-like jean that has created a whole new category and plenty of copy cats is the proprietary technology of ISKO. If you look inside the of the Jogg Jean you will see the ISKO logo printed prominently alongside Diesel's own.