Key Trend: Winter White Out

White made a noticeable appearance at the Fall 2017 menswear shows. Can we expect the perpetually taboo winter white to finally take off this year?

Mavi Introduces New Athleisure Capsule Collection for Fall


Mavi's Indigo Move Athleisure denim capsule collection

Called Indigo Move, Mavi's new athleisure denim aims to expand the category beyond moisture-wicking jeggings. 

Flying Horse Denim Shirts for Men

Flying Horse, denim shirts, mens, 2015, floral prints, tropical


Jeans and tropical floral prints are going to be standard for men this spring and new brand Flying Horse has managed to merge both by bleaching out the floral prints on denim button-downs. This look will be so much more palatable for guys who want to try the trend but are fearful of saturated prints. 

Although this particular item is my favorite, there's quite an array of denim shirts and cotton tees to chose from. 

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In the Showrooms: GUESS Fall 2014

GUESS fall 2014, best jeans for fall 2014, best looks for fall 2014, accessories, shoes, mens


Guess' newly installed Creative Director, Sharleen Ernster, has come out with both guns blazing (pun totally intended).

I didn't need prompting to see that there was an entirely different look in womens apparel. Vintage-looking cowboy boots stuffed with flowers were strategically placed around the showroom. In case that wasn't enough of a clue, a well-worn vintage saddle of wood and leather was draped with gold-toned jewelry and flanked by two horseshoes (below). It was all so authentically authentic that I asked if the cowboy boots were a part of the collection. They weren't. Bummer. Wouldn't it be cool if that were the case? It's been a very long while since true cowboy boots have been mainstream. But I digress…

The entire line was a mixture of western themes, floral motifs and city cool. An interesting feat to pull off I must say. Even more so when considering western themes can easily fall into the realm of camp. I admired that Ernster was able to do this by finding that perfect balance between accentuation and subtlety. For example, a traditional western yoke and pockets were used on the top half of a denim boiler suit (below), which happened to be my favorite piece. However, it wasn't so overpowering as to take away from the overall city girl look of it. 

For guys, western was pretty much non-existant and wardrobe staples like button-downs and jeans were the norm. However, the sneakers were pretty amazing. The high-tops had that old school flat-footed shape that's pretty popular nowadays. There were quite a few styles that had me seriously considering crossing over to the mens department for kicks this fall. 

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Fun With GUESS & Marciano

GUESS, Marciano, Spring 2014, best jeans for Spring 2014, denim, mens, womens, shoes, accessories

Expect more fun with color from GUESS and Marciano for spring 2014. Color permeated the showroom and was best expressed in this multicolor display of jumper shorts (above). Several years ago, I would have looked at this collection and thought it belonged in the tweens section, or that I was far too, *cough*, mature to pull it off, but color is so important now that I can no longer make those kind of assumptions.

The fun stuff wasn’t just limited to color however. GUESS and Marciano showed their playful side in denim with lumberjack checks, bejeweled pockets, patches and distressing on women’s jeans. It reminded me of the ’80’s and 90’s when we used to customize our jeans with paint,  patches and charms. Now I can’t help but look forward to the possible return of those days. 

GUESS guys were a little more subdued than the women. Instead of bright color, unique coatings were used instead to add interest to men’s jeans. As for the rest of the collection, this guy still goes for edge over play. 

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In the Showrooms: Diesel Black Gold Spring/Summer 2014

An up close look in the showroom of Diesel Black Gold makes it evident that Andreas Melbostad, on his second season as Creative, is erasing all traces of Sophia Kokosalaki.

In the Showrooms: Scotch & Soda/Maison Scotch Spring/Summer 2014

Take a sneak peek inside the Scotch & Soda and Maison Scotch’s showroom and see their new spring/summer 2014 collection