$10,000 Jeans

Remember Tom Ford and the $990 jeans? Okay, now remember how you felt when you read about them? If you're eyes bulged like ours did then prepare for them to fall right out of your head. New luxury brand Key Closet just made Tom Ford's jeans yesterday's news. 

A growing luxury brand, Key Closet has attracted such clients as Lady GaGa, Jamie Foxx, and Omarion. As part of their most recent collection, they have created a pair of hand-made, one-of-a-kind jeans that are covered in 1309 stones, including real diamonds. The jeans retail at a whopping £7000 ($10,000). Talk about thumbing your nose at the economy. 

Key Closet can be purchased online or in key independent stores.


One thought on “The Most Expensive Jeans in the World?”

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