Paper weft detail
Diesel1 Closeup 

Diesel, ever the innovator, won’t just stop at Glow-in-the-Dark jeans. They have recently developed a new jean, and get this, it’s made from a combination of denim fabric and (drumroll please)…paper. Wow! The Cotton Paper Denim jean is made of a natural, lightweight, resistant denim that’s breathable and strong. The characteristics are achieved by using a warp of 100% organic cotton and a weft made of Japanese paper. The presence of the paper in the denim is key and after several stages of finishing a ripple effect is produced with a stiff, dry hand. The jeans will be available in the Fall in the slightly carrot shaped, Diesel ‘Keever’ fit. Each individual jean upon purchase will be presented in its own original dust bag.

Keever 8YA Paper Weft Jean