Next up in SHOWstudio's Fashion Revolution series where mere mortals can enter the world of fashion and see a live photoshoot, is a shoot by photographer Jason Evans and styled by Max Pearmain with make-up by Mel Arter

Jason Evans' has produced portraiture and fashion images for some of the world's most famous style magazines. Max Pearmain is the Menswear Editor of POP Magazine and Mel Arter has worked with magazines such as Dazed & Confused, Glamour, L'uomo Vogue and Vanity Fair

The shoot kicks off on November 27th from 10am – 9pm. The theme of the shoot is a game of consequence controlled by dice. The participants in the project have "pre-considered elements which will be brought together arbitrarily on the day to create unexpected stylistic collisions." The shoot will reverse the perspective by shooting towards a two-way mirror to give the audience the model's view of the process.

There will also be musical accompaniment by Andrew Ferguson.