First let me apologize to all of the denimhunters that read this blog. I really wanted to get some good shots of Earnest Sewn's Fall 2010 collection, or at least as good as my badly-needs-to-be-replaced camera can take, but it just so happened that while I was perusing the racks, the people of Earnest Sewn were having a meeting with the people of Bloomingdales in the showroom and, although I was given free reign anyway, that part of me that is naturally polite didn't want to be too intrusive, especially since the space was so tight.  One of the people of Earnest Sewn, however, did step away from the meeting to introduce himself. When I told him who I was, he turned around and said, "Hey everyone, this is Shanna. She hunts for denim." I laughed (and blushed). They told me to ignore them again. I tried. I failed. 

DSC02288I did learn some information that I didn't previously know. Earnest Sewn was just recently bought by a company called Majestic Mills, a company that creates a really cool line of premium lightweight knits, that were present in the showroom. They also own Nicole Richie's DSC02292Winter Kate and House of Harlow lines. I was told in general terms there's been a complete company overhaul. What that means exactly, I couldn't tell you, but what I did get is that it would not effect the quality of denim.

The company, who lost a little magic after the loss of founder Scott
to Evisu, is poised to make a comeback. For Fall 2010 they are launching their first ever line of sportswear for women (above) with prices ranging from $130 to $200. Of course there were lots of skinny jeans for women and slim fit jeans for men, many of them in shades of gray, but there were some splashes of indigo as well as some novelty colors. As if to counter all the gray, men's shirts were full of brightly colored plaids. A favorite of mine was the women's dark gray, washed, denim trench coat, perfect for the moderate temps of Fall and Spring.