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Famed British shop Liberty of London, known worldwide for their one of a kind prints, will go in an unexpected but exciting direction by opening up a Denim Room for men on August 1st. The space will not be a sea of random denim brands but will be limited
to eight premium brands that will be displayed in different ways. For
example, Acne, Nudie and RRL will be displayed in
"unique soft shop concepts" (I don't know what that means either). Edwin,
Natural Selection, Prps and Studio D'Artisan will
be displayed on a denim bar  and Levi Vintage will be hung among a
selection of vintage denim and chinos.

The space was designed taking inspiration from grass stains on jeans and uses imagery of greenhouses and garden sheds. The four fitting rooms will be created like a potting shed, complete with foliage, iron bars, old cogs and wheels, while the seating area will be made with park benches.

With the new Denim Room, Liberty will boast the UKs largest Acne selection under one roof.