Blue Blood SS11 - 1

Amsterdam-based Blue Blood Brand just sent over a small sample of images from their upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 collection and this kicks off our first time talking about the 2011 season.

It looks like the boyfriend jean isn't just for girlfriends anymore. So what do you call them if they're made for guys? The boyfriend-boyfriend jean? As a matter of fact, when guys wear super tight skinny jeans, as some are prone to do nowadays, how come we don't call them girlfriend jeans? Just a thought.

According to the press release the brand has added slimmer fits for men. They've also added a jean where the selvage detail is on the backside of the leg opening when the cuffs are turned up. Unfortunately they didn't send us pics of this so we'll just have to take their word on it that it looks cool.

Blue Blood SS11 - 2 

Blue Blood SS11 - 3 

Blue Blood SS11 - 4