Orly and charlize

Japanese fast-fashion brand UNIQLO has adopted a new slogan titled "Made For All". The simple phrase is meant to emphasize the brand's commitment to creating affordable clothes that transcend age, gender, ethnicity or social group.

To help spread the word, UNIQLO has enlisted the help of Orlando Bloom and Charlize Theron by naming them Global Brand Ambassadors. The two A-listers will act as spokespersons for the brand and appear in print and television advertising campaigns.

I don't understand how these two gorgeous actors represent the "Made For All" philosophy. I'd understand more if they went with two polar opposites like say Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Get it. It will be interesting, however, how they use these two. I hope their message will be conveyed in more than just slapping them in a bunch of UNIQLO clothing and taking a picture.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.