1. Because all denim purchases are $25 off with the first 50 people receiving a gift bag of their fave goodies.

2. Because Prps, Nudie and AG Jeans are setting up customization stations so you can paint, distress, or whisker your jeans.

3. Because there's going to be a bonafied blues saxophonist belting out tunes and DJ Soul mixing on the turntables.

4. Because artist Ryan Keeley has been traipsing around Manhattan filming his adventure to create art on a ginormous piece of 60 ft denim. The journey ends tonight at Atrium.

5. Because you can enter for the chance to win a pair of Prps jeans: men's "Barracuda" in Heavy Destructed retail value $296 or women's "Firebird" in Dirt Dark retail value $488. Win the raffle and wear them home.

6. Because there are complimentary indigo cocktails.

See ya tonight!


(Prps "Firebird" in Dirt Dark)