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And we are all over it! I love Gemma Arterton. I loved her in Quantum of Solace and I loved her in Prince of Persia.

The exotic looking actress is the last person I would have expected to be recruited by G-Star RAW but then isn't that their way —to surprise the pants off of us with the most unexpected choices and unpredictable collaborations. Gemma seems to understand this as well stating;

"I feel like a tough girl in a fancy frock sometimes and I think G-Star is the same. I like the contradiction between glamour and durability. Sometimes people are shocked when they meet me because of this contradiction."

In her new role, she will be featured in all Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaigns along with chess champion Magnus Carlson who is renewing his partnership with the brand, as well as blogging about the campaign on gemma.g-star.com.

To kick off what is sure to be an exciting partnership, Gemma will be curating a G-Star London RAW Night tonight with performances by XX and Beautiful Crime.