Moschino Fashion Show SS2012


It's so easy to have tunnel vision when it comes to denim. It's such an all encompassing field within the fashion industry that sometimes it's like we're in a world all our own. Remember when LA Fashion Week used to focus heavily on denim brands? *sigh* Those were the days.

I have to admit, sometimes I do the unthinkable, and forget that there is a fashion industry outside of denim. Therefore, it was a surprise to me when I was going through old emails and saw a press release from Moschino. I originally marked this email to review later, thinking that there probably wasn't much denim in it anyway. Of course, sometimes what gets saved for later gets forgotten.

This time it was an "almost forgotten" since I revisited this email and saw these gems. According to the press release the inspiration for the collection was a combination of 50's rock and roll, old Las Vegas and Elvis Presley's "Blue Hawaii". I would have called it simply rockabilly, but either way, loves.

The Baseball @ Moschino Fashion Show SS2012

The Baseballs