Standard & Practice FW12-1

Standards & Practices continues to make a name for itself offering premium denim fits on a budget. For FW12, the label is keeping up with some major denim trends: printed, colored and coated. And everything retails for under $100.

The rolled cuff Capri corduroys in cider orange and the tattered "X-boyfriend" slim styles are two of my favorites. The frosted chimney pink coating, the "jeather" black coating and the animal pelt prints are statement-makers for Standards & Practices' fitted skinnies. The lookbook, photographed at Los Angeles Union Station, is gorgeous and mood-evoking; however, I had trouble showing all the photographs because of some really awful sweater choices that distract from the exceptional denim fits.

Standard & Practice FW12-2Standard & Practice FW12-3Standard & Practice FW12-4Standard & Practice FW12-5Standard & Practice FW12-6Standard & Practice FW12-7 Standard & Practice FW12-10Standard & Practice FW12-11