Doctrine FW120014
Doctrine Jeans is on a steady course, building steam with a solid and sellable FW12 collection. Breaking into the denim market is no easy business, and many newbies feel the need to differentiate by overdoing whatever fad is of the moment. Thankfully, not Doctrine.

Instead, fine, clean materials and quality constructions are the established groundwork, with considered colors and surface treatments updating to reflect (without falling victim to) seasonal trends. Across the denim industry, color remains big next fall, and Doctrine is focusing on certain hues instead of offering rainbow medleys. Reds are important, from glossy and coated to sooty matte versions. Waxed surfaces create leather looks for cotton twill; the shiny blue is a standout and a prime example of keeping trends simple. Graphite dust effects give citified industrial appeal to colored denims.

Silhouette-wise, the label is casually and tactfully reintroducing us to pleats for men's denim and twills. Tuxedo stripes and trouser styling are key for ladies.

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