Vs. Magazine and G-Star RAW have produced a film called "Devouring Art" which stars model/artist/filmmaker Rie Rasmussen who also happens to be the director. The film is described as the following;

this film tells the story of a young, ambitious painter hungry for artistic inspiration. So hungry that she breaks into a gallery to ‘devour’ the art exhibited. Enveloped by moonlight, she’s enraptured by the sculptures, modern paintings and raw art that surround her. Then things get dreamy…Boundaries blur; the real and unreal are indistinguishable. Encircled by art incarnate,consumption begins…

Right now all we get is a teaser, but it's kind of intriguing. All you can see in the short clip is her search for inspiration, but the gritty/sexy score by Marie de Villepin of PINKMIST had me studying it for sexual undertones I'm not ashamed to say. There weren't any….that is until the almost NSFW ending.

The full film will be released on March 20th, so I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

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