Pony Foot Patrol Sneakerhead Shoe Porn

If you're a sneakerhead than you've probably already been all over this, so you'll have to bear with the rest of us that are adding high top sneakerporn to our shoeporn fetish.

Pony hasn't been a top brand since the 80's, but they still have a solid niche following, mainly consisting of retro sneakerheads. However, now that high-tops are all the rage among fashion folk, thanks in part to counterculture models like Cara Delevingne, we can branch out beyond the ubiquitious wedge sneaker. I mean, seriously, when is it going to end. #wedgefatigue

Pony's recent collaboration with UK shop Foot Patrol, aptly called PONY X Foot Patrol, is the perfect mix of classic, retro and cool. A feat for what is simply an old school basketball sneaker. The collab riffs off the basketball cultures of New York and London with two competing sneakers each with the name of the cities on their laces. 

The sneaker is only available for a limited time and exclusively at Foot Patrol in London. But US customers have no fear, theirs a website

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