UK brand Marshall Artists went for a different brand of star power for their Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook by tapping British boxer John "2 Smokes" Kay to be the face of the brand. I don't know much about boxing beyond a guy named Mike Tyson used to fight and the Manny Pacquiao memes that floated around facebook after a knockout I never watched (Check 'em out. They're pretty damn funny). But just based off of those two, I have to say, John "2 Smokes" Kay ( I sooo want to just call him Johnny 2 Smokes) has to be one of the best looking boxers I've ever seen. And his GQ-style turn in the lookbook proves it. 

The boxer-cum-model poses in basic knits, casual knee length shorts and tailored button-downs that are somewhat Hamptons-esque. I dig the irony. 

Flip through the lookbook to see the rest of the collection…or the rest of Johnny 2 Smokes…err…John "2 Smokes" Kay.



And just because….