Fashion Week is almost upon us and while I'm gearing up for the fashion shows and the fashion circus by blocking out my calendar and ramping up my wardrobe, I started thinking about the shows I wouldn't get to see. Not the shows that have nothing to do with my content and wouldn't expect an invite to anyway, but the brands that don't show at all. It got me to thinking (and eventually list making) of the brands/retailers that I would love to see put on a presentation at New York Fashion Week or any fashion week for that matter. 

So after a half-second of thought and little ado, I present the Brands That Don't Show At Fashion Week But We Wish They Did…





Asos, fashion, style

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I wish I could quit you (or at least go on a break every once in a while) but I can't. The site is rife with wardrobe fillers. Running short on tops. ASOS. Need some trendy trousers. ASOS. A little low on accessories. ASOS. The retailer's in-house brand rivals any of the high-street and high-end brands they stock. The website is a goldmine for style and with instant runway shows already accompanying static images, it's only a matter of time before this retailer puts on a show of their own….I hope. 




2) Nasty Gal

Nasty gal, fashion, style, festival fashion

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At first glance, the stock at Nasty Gal might seem a little too, um, nasty for everyday tastes (think diaper denim shorts). But when you dig into the merchandise, there are so many hidden gems that I've found myself with some pretty cool pieces from the online boutique (See Shopping Bag: Checkin' Out Nasty Gal). The festival crowd has already been all over Nasty Gal for some time and with festival fashion becoming it's own entity, it's about time we saw a retailer that either inspires or takes inspiration from this genre of clothing. Can you imagine? I can see it now. Spotted in the front row, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Kate Bosworth and Katy Perry.




3) LuLu's

Lulus, fashion, style

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If ASOS is Regina George and Nasty Gal is Janis Ian, than LuLu's would definitely be Gretchen Weiners. The online boutique has been around since the mid-90's and although the merchandise is still youthful and edgy, there is a slight maturity to it. A fashion week presentation by LuLu's would be sure to have cutting edge silhouettes that would appeal to cool kids… and cool adults. 





Pixie market, fashion, downtown, style

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Have you ever seen that cool downtown girl who has killer style? You ascertain she's a DIYer, knows the best thrift shops and is in the know on the hippest boutiques. You think to yourself you can easily duplicate her look with a little legwork, but when you try, you discover that most of her clothes are more high end you than you thought and pretty much out of your price range. Yeah, that's Pixie Market. The retailer is chocked full of inspirational, runway ready clothing like this Minnow dress and it's a wonder that they haven't put on a fashion week presentation already. 



Ready for Fashion Week? Who would be on your Fashion Week wish list?