When you get to the 0:35 second mark in this video, you'll get a quick glimpse of me snapping pictures with my iPhone of GStar RAW's New York Fashion Week Night. I had every intention of posting those very pictures today. But then, of course, I saw this video, almost spit out my Red Bull (I hate coffee) after seeing myself and then decided the video was much better. Especially since I missed the performance by Kasabian. Bummer. 

Instead of the mega runway show that G-Star usually puts on during Fashion Week, they opted instead to have a curated exhibition at The Highline Hotel. Other than the lack of A/C, it was the perfect venue for the presentation that was put together. As attendees walked through the long courtyard, a spotlight projecting the words "RAW" in an eerie blue glow above the entrance made me feel as if I were walking into a chiller thriller. We walked up stairs, down pathways and through doors with original works by G-Star RAW such as denim covered kayaks and "exploding" jeans leading the way. The winding, ever changing path, as well as the overall atmosphere spawned conflicting emotions of forboding, curiosity and excitement. Whoever put this idea together truly deserves a round of applause for the Hitchcockian suspense. 

The main hall was lined with curated pieces as if we were in the Denim Museum of G-Star RAW. Lamps were covered with denim horse "armor". Miners masks complete with vintage hard hats were stacked on a shelf. A watercraft that I can only describe as a hybrid between a submarine and a kayak was constructed with a denim cover. And a statue with a denim mask over it's face like the pope incognito loomed over the crowd as if saying "come my children, all are welcome, all are welcome". And in between all of that was the collection. 

Centerstage were men's and women's jeans stiffened and posed for the presentation on a catwalk of light. However, it was the raw denim and carrot leg silhouettes we've come to expect from the brand. The real star was the introduction of G-Star's new eyewear collection which launches in January. I happily tried on a few pairs and took a few selfies in them (see DenimHunt on Instagram). The glasses come in both sunnies and prescription ready clear, with special features being raised screws and flat lenses for an industrial aesthetic. 

Overall, it was a great fashion week concept. Especially for those of us beginning to tire of the fashion week chaos as described in RackedNY and the NY Times.

Aww hell, I took pictures. Why let them go to waste. See below for pics from the event.