the jetsetting jean, black orchid denim

Photo Credit: Timothy Marta


Today is a good day. Today I get to talk about one of my favorite pairs of jeans, Black Orchid by Julien Jarmoune. Don't get me wrong. I have lots of faves, but Black Orchid Denim is definitely in my top 5. Why? Because they are soooo comfortable. Like pajama comfortable. Like wearing a cloud comfortable. Like I can't stop touching myself comfortable. Head. Out. Gutter. I actually own a pair of indigo mid-rise Black Orchid Black Jewel Jeggings, similar to these (click here), which I wear wayyy too much. So obviously, this particular edition of The Jetsetting Jean was one of my favorites.

For this edition, Vanessa, a The Jetsetting Jean veteran (see THE JETSETTING JEAN: One Pair of Jeans, Three Different Women, Infinite Style) and myself wore a pair of Black Orchid Black Jewel mid-rise jeggings in pale yellow. It may be difficult to imagine having enough versatility with a pair of jeans this color but that's not true. Check out how Vanessa and I went for dressed up and dressed down looks in the same pair of jeans.  By the way, Vanessa thought they felt amazing too.

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the jetsetting jean, black orchid denim

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the jetsetting jean, black orchid denim

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