Scotch & Soda, Maison Scotch, best jeans for spring, prints


Last season was the first time I ever visited Dutch brand Scotch & Soda (see In the Showrooms: Scotch & Soda/Maison Scotch Pre Fall/Fall 2013 Preview). It was such a treat. When covering denim sometimes you can get inundated with a lot of the same. Obviously I'm a slave to my jeans, but there's only so much variation you can get with denim. But every once in while I am proven wrong. 

Scotch & Soda, and it's women's line Maison Scotch, continues to produce a mixed medley of prints and embroidery that are both fun and chic. And I love how they nimbly incorporate those attributes into their denim offerings. There are dedicated denim/streetstyle collections for both men and women that tone down the prints somewhat, but there is still plenty of patchwork, arty embroidery and way cool silhouettes like the boyfriend short for boyfriends (see below). 

The main collection, however, is where the stars are. Think lemony yellow jeans with fruity prints on the inside and out or coral color printed jeans for men which were unexpectedly masculine. I could go on and on. 

See the pics below…



Scotch & Soda, Maison Scotch, best jeans for spring, prints



Scotch & Soda Spring 2014

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13-2013-10-02 15.31.50
12-2013-10-02 15.45.51
11-2013-10-02 15.46.03
10-2013-10-02 15.46.49
09-2013-10-02 15.47.01
08-2013-10-02 15.47.09
07-2013-10-02 15.47.16
06-2013-10-02 15.47.19
05-2013-10-02 15.49.11
04-2013-10-02 15.49.23
03-2013-10-02 15.49.39
02-2013-10-02 15.49.50
01-2013-10-02 15.50.16