diptyque eau duelle parfum toilette


Last week at the Eli Halili boutique opening in Soho (see Vogue Gioiello Celebrates Eli Halili), guests left with gift bags with an opoponax-scented candle and eau de toilette by diptyque.

I've never owned a diptyque candle though I know plenty who rave about them. So when I lit it that evening, I expected the fragrance to be pleasing. And it was. Incredibly. 

I'm very particular about perfumes, however, and only rotate between two; Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, my default fragrance, and Prada Amber, which I wear when I want to switch it up a bit. Other than that, I'm pretty much perfume free. It's not that I'm not into it. I just have a hard time finding a fragrance that's that perfect combination of soft, subtle and present, if that makes sense. 

For this reason, it was a few days before I gave diptyque's Eau Duelle fragrance a try. I was sitting in front of my laptop in a sweatshirt and had been staring at the bottle contemplating something insignificant, when impulsively I picked it up and.sprayed a small, almost negligable amount on my wrist. All I can say is, Oh. My. God! It's Amazing! 

The scent was soothing like the candle, but deeper. Stronger. Yet not overpowering (talking about scents is not my specialty). And boy does it linger! Everytime I donned my sweatshirt that weekend I would get a wiff of it and I swear the already divine scent got better and better with each wear.

Looks like I can happily add a third fragrance to my rotation.