Lately, I've been trying to do my own. I bought all of the equipment thinking, it can't be that hard. Wrong. It takes a practiced, steady hand to apply nail polish accurately, which I don't have. Using my left hand to apply polish to my right hand has just stopped turning into comedy. When I picked up Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat polish, it was just another one of those instances where I couldn't walk past a new 'color' without buying it. Since I generally stick to solids, I thought it'd be cool to try something new.

Trying this at home was pure delight. When you apply one coat, it's a light confetti. Apply two and it begins to come together. After three or four coats you get the full tweedy effect. Apply with a clear top coat and voila! The best part is, you can't mess it up! If a little strip moves out of place, you just push it back in place. You can't possible smudge it and if you want to make it more even, just dip the brush in nail polish remover and 'paint' the nail until the tweed moves into place. So easy.

If you've tried this or are going to let me know what you think.