The Oscars have come and gone. I spent the day like most others, watching the red carpet, catching a moment here and there, losing interest and finding out the winners by checking my Twitter and Facebook every now and then. Well, maybe that's not how everyone spent it. The show did reach an average 43 million viewers and Ellen Degeneres did break the twitter record. Sooo. I guess I take it all back. 

The long and short is, as the editor of a site that focuses on denim and sportswear, the Oscars aren't something that I cover, but thanks to Levi's that's all about to change. At least for today. 

In honor of the Academy Awards, Levi's created a top 12 list of Academy-nominated films that have "blue jean styling". Considering that jeans feature in so many films I assumed it would be a rather cheeky list of the Buzzfeed variety, but then I saw gems like Westside Story and Brokeback Mountain, numbers 2 and 10 respectively, and I realized this was authentic.

The complete list is on the Levi's Unzipped blog where you can also watch a short clip of each film and learn some interesting facts like, did you know that Billy Baldwin and George Clooney were this close to playing J.D., the character played by Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise?

Take a look at their picks. I bet #1 will surprise you.