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RE/DUN relaxed straight and straight skinny



This is the third time in a matter of days in which I've talked about recycled jeans. That leads me to believe there's a movement or trend emerging in which old jeans are repurposed and sold. But that's a topic for another day. In the meantime, the brand that started me on this line of thinking is Los Angeles-based denim brand RE/DUN.

RE/DUN sources jeans from "vintage rag houses" that have those particular qualities that can only be found in well worn jeans. The jeans are then taken apart and resewn into two popular silhouettes, a relaxed straight and a straight skinny that I must admit channel the most endearing qualities in a great pair of jeans -at least from a purely visual perspective. For example, take the straight skinny (above). Vintage jeans are 100% cotton denim and are able to give the skinny that perfectly faded, but durable look. Not only that, those white yarns that streak across rips and tears aren't always possible with too much stretch. Those authentically denim qualities make this high-waisted skinny unique in more ways than one. 

Because of the nature of the design process each version has a limited run, but there is a waitlist for each style sold. A quick check of their site and almost everything is waitlisted save a few styles. So if you're interested you'd better get on it now.