Jenna Lyons, the best thing to happen to J. Crew since J. Crew, announced last month that there would be several collaborations included in the brand's lineup this season -one of which is a partnership with renown denim atelier 3×1. 
Although I've been aware of the collaboration since the announcement, lately I'm finding it's always best to wait until the launch to ensure that my opinion is not influenced by all the excitement. So I waited. And waited. And waited…for nothing, because after browsing it online, it's clear the J.Crew 3×1 collection is everything we would expect from the two brands. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have known better.  
The women's only range comes in three styles with each having a high-rise waist and either a cropped or ankle-skimming hem which for some reason is not the norm for skinny jeans but definitely should be. The prices are in the premium range, but J.Crew encourages it's shoppers to donate old jeans to the "Blue Jeans Go Green" initiative for a $20 credit. 
Happy Shopping!