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image via Elevenparis

It's hard to imagine a brand being a celebrity favorite nowadays without everyone talking about it, but French label Elevenparis managed to do just that…at least in the US. With celebs like Solange, Kate Moss, Wiz Khalifa and Lenny Kravitz fronting their campaigns that's damn near unheard of -even with so few US stockists (there's only one standalone store in the US and that's in NYC). So why is it on my radar all of a sudden? Because they've launched a denim collection and with a provocative campaign to match, of course. 

The label has teamed up with April 77 founder Brice Partouche to launch Elevenparis Jeans. The collection features all the trendy fits such as boyfriends, cropped and skinny and slim styles and caters to both men and women. The jeans are available now in Elevenparis stores, but seeing as theirs only one in the US, you can purchase them on their site by clicking the 'Worldwide' option as their not available on the US site either.

The prices range from €105  - €130 ($113 – $146)