It's always nice to see a timeless fabric go in a new direction. It's even nicer when that direction is completely unexpected. One of the biggest surprises this season was seeing the layered skirts and dresses made of denim coming down the runway. Even more surprising was each designer's take on it. 

Nicholas K went for apocalyptic chic in a grungy faded black denim, while Jil Sander Navy opted for a geometric silhouette in clean indigo. Norma Kamali's super-feminine version looks as if it will swing fluidly with each movement of the leg, but in true Kamali-fashion, she's upped the cool factor with unfinished edges and fringe. 

Not every multi-layered piece that came down the runway had multiple layers. Most pieces were folded, ruched and gathered in such a way that the layered effect was implied. Implied or applied, I hope to see more of this style in the future.