Jcrew cashmere turtleneck, black turtleneck sweaters

Oftentimes, when putting together a look, it's better to keep it simple. The jean is already a focal point of an overall look with it's many details. However, just like in the Louvre, the center of attention is the Mona Lisa. Wearing a black chunky turtleneck will draw attention to the shadows defining her famous features. As a bonus, it will also add another layer of texture.


Cos crossover bib shirt, white shirt, cotton

Cos Stores - $99
Crisp, white shirts have come a long way in the past few years with many designers upping the design quotient while maintaining elements of the classic style. Personally, I cannot resist the pull of a white cotton shirt that has been redesigned. It's the combination of the complex applied to the basic that draws me. To state it in fashionable terms, I love an item that's classic with an edge. Coincidentally, that's how I define my own personal style. This thigh-length shirt illustrates that with it's kimono collar and bib detail. It's the perfect juxtaposition and perfect compliment to the grungy details of the jean.


Need supply, cotton poplin, white shirt, kimono

For the reasons stated above, I couldn't decide which crisp white shirt I liked the most and which would look better when paired with the Mona Lisa jean. So, like any good shopper, I decided to go with both. The kimono-inspired structured details and stark white color contrast brilliantly with the tatted and faded gray jean. In addition, the cropped hem will add a layer of femininity to the overall look.



Vince camuto black & white floral shirt -78

Speaking of feminine details, why not throw caution to the wind and wear a shirt with an oversized floral print. It's an unusual pairing that just might work. The florals are black and white so the color doesn't clash and it brings out the feminine details of the Mona Lisa herself. It's a stretch for sure, but trust me, you can pull it off. 



Nasty gal flannel shirt, plaid shirt

Nasty Gal - $58
Grungy flannel shirts aren't normally considered a safe option when deciding what to wear, but in this case it's a perfectly standard option. The bold red plaid and safety pin embellishments are what you would expect to wear with ripped and faded jeans. Can you imagine it? I dub the look Mona Lisa Grunge!



Zara tank, gray tank top, sleeveless t-shirt

Zara - $15.90
Speaking of standard options, you can't go wrong with a simple gray tank. Tuck in the front or just wear it outright and, boom, you've got a look. Too easy.

The jeans speak for themselves and though some of my picks are borderline daring, for the most part, they let the jeans do all the work.