InStyle magazine teamed up with girl-centric organization I Am That Girl for a video series documenting the struggles and triumphs of young women through an artist's rendering. It follows on the heels of conversations with celebrities Mindy Kaling, Amanda Seyfried and Lea Michele who all spoke of their anxieties, doubts and self-esteem with I Am That Girl co-founder Emily Greener. 

The series is called #innerstyle and it's latest incarnation features five young women who sit in a circle and each take turns describing how they view themselves and the things that drive them. While they sit in an intimate circle and share their stories with each other, an artist draws a rendition which comes to life on the screen behind them as they speak. When each young woman finishes, she turns to see her life, or at least those defining moments in her life, interpreted in an artist's sketch. The reactions are pretty amazing. While watching the videos I couldn't help but wonder how the artist would interpret me. I think he/she would run out of paper.

Although they were all great stories, I was most drawn to Katie who spoke of her family's struggle after losing their business and the subsequent bond with her dad. I can't say why, but it touched me listening to her speak so earnestly about her life. But to be frank, all of the stories were compelling and the telling surely took a lot of bravery on their parts. I'm certain everyone who watches will find they can relate to one or more of the young women. 

InStyle has an ongoing partnership with I Am That Girl. Together they are inviting women to join the #innerstyle initiative by sharing their own story and drawing their inner portrait to share on social media using the hashtag #innerstyle. Those who participate have a chance to be featured on

Gosh I wish I was that brave…and that I knew how to draw.